Have Some Fun At Your Wedding Reception

The engaged couple often wants to do a special first look/wedding reveal instead of seeing each other from opposite ends of the wedding aisle.  I have many brides who ask me how to do the first look.  I often cite the image below.  He was upset that his idea for a first look inside this barn was not going to work due to farm implements in the way.  At Canopy Creek Farm, one of the best Dayton wedding venues, I confidently told the groom to give me five minutes to come up with a unique idea for a first look.  As a Dayton photographer and Cincinnati photographer, I had never arranged a first look like this. From that day forward, I realized that people need to have some fun at YOUR wedding reception.

I arranged the bride and groom on opposite sides of the barn door and had them hold hands. I have them talk for a moment while building suspense.  When they are ready, they turn to see each other for the very first time.  This is my favorite bride reveal photograph to date, and I love all of my Canopy Creek Farm wedding photos!  Being a Dayton wedding photographer makes me happy every time I photograph a wedding.

Honestly, this was one of the first fun photographs that I captured at a wedding. At least it was the first one where I saw some really funny people. So that inspired me for future weddings to capture and cultivate images like this. It will make me seek out these moments and be more aware of my surroundings at future events. I try to find people that seem like they’d be fun. They are more likely to want to strike a funny pose. Capturing fun images whether candid or posed is still great for me.

Funny reception photo ideas Dayton Ohio