Why To Choose Legacy Event Group To Be Your Dayton Wedding DJ Emcee

They Are A Great DJ And Emcee In Dayton And Cincinnati

Having photographed 160 weddings as a Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photographer, I have experienced DJs and emcees of all types.  Legacy Event Group, formerly All The Right Tunes, is hands down the best wedding DJ/emcee that I work with on a regular basis.  There are other really good DJ services in the Dayton and Cincinnati area, but I find that All The Right Tunes is consistent, professional, reliable, and fun.  As a wedding photographer, I pay a lot of attention to how good the other vendors are.  When I find out I’m photographing a wedding where Legacy Event Group is working, I look forward to the wedding even more!  They also offer a great photo booth/photo booth product.  Why to choose Legacy Event Group? They are the best Dayton DJs and can ensure an exceptional wedding experience!

Here are some of my favorite qualities about Dayton and Cincinnati’s best wedding DJ.

  • Reliable

  • Friendly

  • Professional

  • Communicate with the photographer regarding schedules

  • Early to events

  • Keeps the party moving

  • Will cut songs short to move to the next function (most DJs force the songs to finish even when the next scheduled item is ready to happen which slows things down)

  • One DJ and one emcee work very well together as a team

  • Always respectful of the bride, groom, guests, and other vendors

*I cannot guarantee that you will have the same experience, but every time I’ve worked with ATRT, I have been very happy!

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Choose All The Right Tunes To Be Your Dayton Wedding DJ Or Cincinnati Wedding DJ