My First Same-Sex Engagement Photos In Dayton’s Sugarcreek MetroPark

In September 2020 I photographed this great same-sex couple at Sugarcreek MetroPark in Bellbrook, Ohio. These two ladies and their dog did great. Although Sugarcreek is my least favorite park in the system, they chose to shoot there. I treat all couples the same, but with two men or two women, there are certain posing styles that I like to use. The traditional poses don’t always work or look right for Dayton’s same-sex engagement photos. I adapt what I do to fit the couple I am photographing.

We had a great 2 hours hiking around this southern Dayton area park due to its large size and long walking trails. I was able to capture so many great engagement photos on this late summer day. I wish I could share them all right here. The dog’s bandana was a nice touch. “I love my mom” is what it said. Thank you to these two fun ladies for a very nice evening. I love photographing a couple’s love. I would love to photograph your LGBTQ wedding and engagement. Love is love!!

At this park, there are plenty of places to enjoy a leisurely picnic, horseback ride, hike, or even see what can be discovered as you hike through tall grass prairies, woodlands, and the scenic collection of oak trees. The most “famous” area of this park is the beautiful osage orange area. On your way through the park, take note of the variety of habitats as well as the tall grass prairies. They can provide great backdrops for your photos.

Thanks to Five Rivers MetroParks for having such amazing parks and habitats that support diverse wildlife and ultimately diverse groups of people.

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