Aviation Themed Engagement Photography With A Beechcraft Sundowner Airplane

On a warm April evening, I met this aviation enthusiast-engaged couple at the Piqua Airport north of Dayton. It is my 230th engagement session, and it is my first-ever airport engagement session. I have shot aviation-themed engagement photography inside and outside the National Museum Of The U.S. Air Force but never at a general aviation airport. The groom flies a Beechcraft Sundowner airplane, so we did the engagement photos with the aircraft. We spent 2 hours creating these aviation engagement photos using the taxiway, runway, hangar, and airplane. This was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever, as I love photographing couples and I love photographing airplanes.

Capturing Golden Hour

To capture the golden hour, we scheduled this session for the evening. We ended the session at the west end of the runway with the sun setting behind this awesome couple. I would have loved to capture photos of them flying but that wasn’t possible on this day. What a great time we had!

Using The Beechcraft Sundowner

The Beechcraft Sundowner is an iconic aircraft in the aviation world. With its sleek design and powerful engine, it has become a favorite among pilots and enthusiasts alike. The Sundowner’s versatility and reliability make it well-suited for a variety of purposes, from recreational flying to flight training. Its spacious cabin can accommodate up to four passengers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Equipped with advanced avionics and navigational systems, the Sundowner offers a smooth and precise flying experience. Whether soaring through the skies for pleasure or honing your piloting skills, the Beechcraft Sundowner delivers an exceptional flight performance that never fails to impress.

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