I Photographed The Talented Adriane McLean Professional Model In Las Vegas Nevada

At WPPI 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the opportunity to photograph several professional models. My favorite professional model in Las Vegas with whom to work was Adriane McLean. She was patient with our group as she had already been modeling for 8 hours. I learned so much at WPPI this year, and I was able to apply this photography knowledge to a live model shoot. I recommend hiring this Las Vegas model. Adriane was such an amazing Las Vegas model to photograph that I hope to shoot her again in 2023.

Adriane and the other Las Vegas model talent were excellent. I’ve worked with a few models in the past but no one was as good as the 2022 models. The smile that Adriane showed off made these photos come to life. Her knowledge of proper posing techniques was great. I rarely had to give directions during my time with her, making my job very easy. One day I would like to photograph a model’s wedding. Wow, would that be great!

I keep looking at these photos and tack sharp they are. This was the first time I had used the new camera that I had just bought. I couldn’t believe how well it handled the evening light. It just worked and was so much better than the other camera brand I had been using since 2007. Professional photographers will love this camera equipment.

One thing that I focused on during my downtime was shooting the model while other people were having their turn directing her. I did not distract her but instead stayed off to the side. Since we had constant LED lights, there was no need to trigger speed lights or flashes. The black and white photo of her smiling is one of my favorites.

Thanks to the fabulous folks at WPPI and The Mirage Las Vegas for putting on this great event.

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