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Fun Unique Wedding Photography Poses In Southwest Ohio

During a recent wedding at Dayton Art Institute, I shot these four images.  I have never done these images before and I really enjoy the way they turned out.  The ice sculpture image was the idea of the maid of honor.  The next two images were my idea and turned out great.  The fourth image, the black and white, was taken just a few minutes before the ceremony.  Thanks everyone for the funny looks!

Ice sculpture photography can be tricky. There are may edges that can throw shadows and reflections of flash.  We waited until the end of the night to shoot this art museum photograph.  It allowed the ice to have less of a shine to it.  One thing I love about this image is that the ice sculpture shaped like a heart has the bride and grooms initials embedded within.  What a great touch!

Best Wedding Reception Venues In Dayton Ohio

After photographing nearly 100 weddings in the Dayton Ohio and Cincinnati Ohio areas, I have been to many excellent wedding venues.  Below is a list of some of my favorite wedding reception venues in Dayton, Ohio.  Each venue has its own quirks and good points, but these are my favorite to photograph.

There are many great wedding venues in Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas.  The key to choosing a great reception location is to find one that has good reviews and that has employees who fit your style.  If you are a laid back person, you may not want to choose a venue with restrictive policies.  If you like things to be well laid out and scheduled, you may wish to go with a dedicated wedding reception location.

Kortyka-Luken Wedding

Top Engagement Photography Locations in Dayton Ohio

There are many excellent and unique locations for engagement photography in Dayton Ohio.  Below is a list of my favorite locations to do engagement sessions.  Sessions usually take one hour to complete and are always enjoyable for me.  The benefit to the engagement session is that the bride and groom and I get familiar with each other.  Seeing how Kevin Lush shoots a session helps put brides and grooms at ease for their wedding day.

  • Oregon District for an urban setting (photo below)
  • Cox Arboretum for a nature setting
  • Clifton Falls for a nature setting
  • Taylorsville MetroPark for a nature / train track setting
  • Second Street Market for an urban setting
BRIDE-GROOM Engagement