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How A Booking Meeting Works With Kevin Lush Photography

Booking any wedding vendor can be complicated and time consuming.  Kevin Lush Photography booking meetings generally last 30-45 minutes and are fun and friendly.  Below is the typical setup for a booking meeting or consultation with Kevin Lush Photography.  There is NO pressure to book during the first meeting.  As mentioned in my previous blog post about wedding tips, I am most interested in ensuring that the best fit between client and photographer is made.

  • Introduction between Kevin Lush and client (bride/groom/parent/maid of honor)
  • Discussion about the bride and groom's wedding venues and details
  • Discussion about how the bride and groom met
  • Pricing details and other topics described by Kevin Lush
  • Viewing of portfolio
  • Questions answered
  • Client reviews contract and either signs it or takes it home for later thought

Dayton Ohio Wedding Photography Tips

I decided a while ago to start a list of tips to give to potential brides with whom I meet.  As much as I would like to book clients on the spot, I would rather the bride/groom make the perfect wedding photography decision.  There are many choices and I hope these "choose the right photographer for me" tips help make the decision easier.

As the owner and photographer of Kevin Lush Photography, I want to let you know that I abide by all of these tips, all of the time.

  • Does your photographer have liability insurance?
  • Is your photographer licensed in the State of Ohio?
  • Does your photographer collect and pay legally required State of Ohio sales tax?
  • Is backup equipment (cameras, lenses, cards, flashes, etc.) brought to every wedding?
  • Are several on-site and off-site backups of images made and maintained?
  • Does your wedding photographer insist that it is your day and not his/hers?
 Kortyka-Luken Wedding

Dayton's Best Wedding Photographer Now On YouTube

Kevin Lush Photography has just created its first online commercial.  It is a 30 second spot that features some amazing images from Dayton Ohio weddings.

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