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Dayton's Second Street Market Engagement Photography

Today's cold engagement session at Dayton's PNC Second Street Market was beautiful.  We had a great hour together and the images turned out very well.  We had snow and even had a train engineer blow the horn when he went by.

Best Graphic Designer In Dayton Ohio

If you are are looking for a great graphic designer in Dayton Ohio, Anne Green Design is your best choice. If you are searching for unique wedding details for your Dayton Ohio wedding, check out Anne Green Design in Germantown, Ohio.

Ann Green Design creates amazing brand designs, logos and more.  Her wedding decorations and details are extremely unique and will help make your wedding one of a kind.  I have a few of her products myself and I am very impressed at the quality and uniqueness.

(Ann Green Design's website, can start you on your journey) (screen shot of her website is below)

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.02.56 AM.png

Kevin Lush Photography's Best Images - Best Wedding Photos Dayton Ohio

Nearing the end of my 7th year in business and with 97 weddings completed, I wanted to share my favorite images I have ever shot.  Many of these are from 2014 but a few are 2012 and 2013.  Thank you to all the great Dayton Ohio brides and grooms as well as those from other areas such as Cincinnati and West Chester Ohio.